Hotel Effectiveness


Hotel Effectiveness is a growing enterprise that offers products and services to hotels to help them manage resources better. From payroll management systems to predictive staffing models and property management, Hotel Effectiveness is on the leading edge of the hospitality management industry. The hotel business is an ever-changing, highly competitive "time to market" industry that requires a fast response to change and a high level of flexibility. Vebinary understands this important fact and is able to work at a pace that meets the needs of this particular business environment.

One of these needs is labor management. A good hotel has to identify staffing issues and solve them quickly. Like any other business, management has ever-changing concerns that must be addressed quickly and efficiently. The labor management arm of Hotel Effectiveness specializes in professional management tools for hotel staff to optimize attendance and timeliness and fostering other efficiency improvements. This allows hotels to focus on top notch customer service, which is their most important goal.


Hotel Effectiveness' senior leaders have successfully turned to Vebinary Solutions on a number of occasions to address their product needs. With an international team of talented analysts and engineers, Vebinary was able to quickly grasp the situation and get to work on a solution that fully met our business need. Solutions for payroll processing and customized labor plans designed exclusively for hotels are often achieved by possessing extensive experience in the hotel domain, not to mention the technology choices such as using .NET suite of technologies. Vebinary's Microsoft certified engineers made Hotel Effectiveness' product building experience as smooth as possible.

Vebinary strategy was to bring together a task force of specialists in the hotel software development area to interview and custom design a solution that met the client's needs. After a series of thoughtful discussions with Vebinary's team onsite and across international shores, the team proposed a solution that allowed a hotel to have real time knowledge about labor force work plans and other labor related features for our product.

Hotel Effectiveness has come to know and trust the smart solutions that are designed and developed by Vebinary's talented team of technology specialists. Hotel Effectiveness always turns first to Vebinary Solutions for any concerns regarding software and other technology needs.

Park 'N Fly


Park 'N Fly is a leading edge parking management company serving commuter's parking needs near airports across the country. A key part of its business culture — beyond safe and convenient parking - is excellent customer service. Along those lines, Park 'N Fly instituted the popular valet service. Flyers can even get a super convenient oil change or car wash remotely while they are conducting business in another city. They even have a great location within their parking lots to board pets.

Reservation site stabilization


Park 'N Fly noticed that it was having issues with its Reservation application on its site, specifically unexpected crashes that could bring the entire online distribution system down. This occurred often enough that PNF managers began to worry that the service interruptions would affect the company's revenue stream. In response, the PNF executives turned to Vebinary Solutions and challenged our developers to fix this very high profile problem. Vebinary's team of Program Managers and internet engineers met with key members of PNF's staff to fully understand the problem. After productive discussions and careful analysis of PNF's workflow, the team re-engineered and refactored the reservation application on the site extensively which resulted in a more stable website, strong enough to handle large number of hits to their site on a daily basis. In addition, Vebinary was instrumental in helping the PNF technology team speed up its SLA commitments, which made the IT team popular among the other business teams untimately resulting in an improved overall client satisfaction.

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